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There are often over 10000 real high class escorts in London, available for you to hire. All of them are listed on https://www.escortguide.co.uk/escorts/london. Not only the younger ones of course, but also the older ones.

The “new class” of high class London escorts are listed below. This list has been compiled from personal experience. One of our clients, for example, had requested an ebony escort, which is the best kind to have in central London. The client was very upset that she was not able to go, as she so wanted to. The ebony escort was therefore unavailable, but we do have others on the list that are very much available, just call us for more information on that.

Our other clients have requested some exotic escorts, which are, in reality, just as good as those from a large booking agency. These include, a sensual masseuse, a delicious dinner and drinks, and a chance to “practice” on one of our models. The models have also requested a male escort from a highly reputed male escort agency. This male escort was not, however, available through our agency at the time, but he is one of our special offers – consider getting him, if you need him!

There are other high class escorts agencies in central London, offering similar services. Some of these agencies offer, exotic luxury companions, male and female, as well as all-inclusive packages, such as limousines and the likes. And there are others which are more traditional and simple, offering their clients a selection of local high class escorts, which they can hire for their parties. A few of our clients have requested the services of exotic high class companions, who they could invite to their parties at the weekend. In this case, we always try to find partners for these guests, and also provide suitable accommodation.

A few of our clients have requested the services of an exotic masseuse during their special parties. This has been very helpful, as our clients feel pampered by this exotic masseuse, rather than embarrassed. The client may also request for an English speaking masseuse for their party, if the local masseuse is unable to communicate in English. This is a common need for the eastern Europeans, who usually work in the cities like London, and whose only means of communication is through interpreters. In this case, either an Asian or an English speaking masseuse can be hired to make the client feel at home.

We can also offer other kinds of exotic services, ranging from corporate parties to hen nights. If there are enough clients, we can even organize a sultry session under the tropical sky, with drinks in the garden, and performances by exotic dancers. An important thing to consider, when finding your partner for your escorts in London, is safety. Although most of our clients are foreigners, it would be better if you know their nationalities and know their preferred heights and preferences. You don’t want your clients to be uncomfortable in your premises, do you?

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