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If you are bisexual, it means you are attracted to individuals who are male and female. Being drawn to and have sexual feelings for more than one person is a fantastic feeling. You can have twice as much fun, twice the sexual encounters with people who are experienced and you can even decide which gender makes you happier and which you prefer. Yes if you are bisexual you will have a preference, you just need to take time and have some sexual encounters or even some deep heart to hearts with people who are going through the same things you are. Sometimes you can feel like you are in the middle but it’s okay, there are some unhelpful, untrue rumors and stereotypes about being bisexual, here are a few debunked:

Myth number 1. Bisexuality does not actually exist; they are either going through a phase or just confused. Ultimately they will choose either a boy or a girl.

Reality: This is actually very offensive to people who enjoy being attracted to both genders. It is entirely normal to be attracted to both men and women, many people may be confused, but there is no fence between the homosexuality and heterosexuality except the narrow, bigot minds of individuals who are backward to accept and let people be they want to be.

Myth number 2: People who identify as bisexual are actually straight, but are experimenting or trying to be cool.

Reality: It’s okay if they want to experiment. No one has a right to dictate who they should have sexual encounters with. Unless they ask for your assistance, all you can do is standby their side and be supportive.

Myth number 3: People who identify as bisexual are just gay/lesbians with one foot in the closet.

Reality: I do not understand how some people can be so ignorant. Bisexuality is a real and legitimate sexual orientation which you would know about unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you surely would have heard of people being bisexual. The “B” in LGBT signifies bisexual. Bisexual people go through a lot of confusing spells; people need to support them and even help them out if possible, instead of belittling them and accusing them of pretending.

Myth number 4: Bisexuals are shallow, immoral and narcissistic, can’t be trusted either.

Reality: This myth basically reflects our society’s addiction to kicking the minority down. Plus the ambivalence over sex and pleasure. They forget that these people are humans who are normal; their sexuality does not define who they are.

Myth number 5: They are promiscuous hypersexual beings who sleep with every human that moves; they can never be monogamous nor will they marry.

Reality: Even if they do have multiple partners, that does not mean they will finally choose and settle down. They are just sowing as many oats as they can and having fun, people who cast these kinds of accusations are either just jealous or cannot stomach the fact that all people aren’t ready to settle into the default of being straight.

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