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In general, women are crazy and weird. But when it comes to sex men are weirder. Their weirdness in sex is something that cannot be compared with anything else, and if you are trying to understand it, you will literally achieve nothing. It is because it is hard to understand and it is close to impossible to describe in worlds.

There are a lot of things that turn on men. Yea, they do get boners for no reason. But that is not a turn on. In this article, we will see in detail about the biggest turn on for men.

Wearing glasses while having sex

The majority of the girls might think that they will look like a nerd or a dork. But it is the exact opposite of it. They might not prefer it generally. But during sex, it is actually a huge turn on for the majority of the guys. More than anything having sex with a nerdy girl is one of the fantasies for many guys.

Talk dirty

You do not need to have any second thoughts about it. Guys really love when girls talk dirty. Many Birmingham escorts have stated that it is a very common request that they have been getting for ages. Really have no idea why women are always expecting men to do it. Try it once. The involvement they guys show after that will be really great. Get dirty as much you want.

Initiate sex

There no better turn on than a woman initiating sex. Most of the men really find it sexy, and it is something that every man would want.  It is not like it is not happening at all, but it would be a lot better if these things happen more often. There will be an evident difference in their involvement when the woman initiates sex.

Let your hair down

To the entire woman out there make a note of this point. Do not tie your hair while having sex. Letting them loose is a great boost for men, and you also look great when your hair is loose. We do accept the fact that it might disturb you during the session, but is a tolerable disturbance. This is the last thing that you can do to please your sex partner.

A slow and a sexy strip

Some might get the idea that it is a strip dance. This is entirely different from strip dance. While striping before sex takes it slowly in a sexy manner. Do not hurry. You can literally see the eyes glowing like anything. This is a great turn on, and it will give them instant boners.

Smile and tease

When you have eye contact during sex make sure that you smile once in a while. It will boost their confidence and will be a huge turn on. Do not just directly get into the act. Tease them they really love, and it will build their eagerness. A better turn on than this? We really don’t think so.